To create an excellent uniform solution while minimising our impact on the environment, we have always taken great care in our choice and use of fabrics.

We use a variety of carefully-selected organic, man-made and blended textiles with a range of fabric finishes to achieve a great looking uniform that fits well.

Our garments are made efficiently and ethically. We ship from production to market with minimal impact and distribute direct to the end user. Our garments are designed to last and we extend the garment life even further through re-use and upcycle programs.

Through our detailed and conscientious design, we keep fabric wastage to a minimum and aim to reduce our carbon footprint at all stages of the production process. Recycling programmes have been in place at Booker Spalding for more than 20 years.

We provide garments, fabrics, advice and financial assistance to a number of charities, commercial recyclers and social enterprises. Numerous theatre groups, schools, community projects, and charitable organisations have benefited from clothing and fabric that we have donated directly and on behalf of our clients. We always look to find a useful alternative for any obsolete clothing or textiles and aim to never send clothing or textiles to the landfill.

We are proud to have been the first uniform provider to be associated with Earthlink.