Social responsibility

We source our products in a legal, ethical and responsible manner. 

We partner with a small number of suppliers who share our belief and are carefully selected for their quality and work practices. We work closely with them to foster strong, ethical relationships, sharing our collective knowledge, understanding and genuine trust with them. 

We challenge fads and trends in search of genuine best practice and lasting improvement.

While our suppliers operate in different legal and cultural environments, our Social Responsibility and Vendor Code of Practice [PDF 31kb] underpins the principles of our responsible sourcing.

Our suppliers all work positively under our independently audited Code of Social Responsibility. This includes:
•    No use of child labour
•    No use of forced labour
•    Safe and healthy working conditions
•    Legal labour contracts
•    Payment of living wage
•    Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
•    No discrimination against employees
•    No excessive hours of work


In a world where ongoing discounting of clothing by some organisations is considered the norm, it is important to stand up for fair trade that is meaningful and sustainable. 

The clothing factories in our supply chain value their workers’ contribution, pay a fair wage and provide a good standard of working conditions. Employment is freely chosen, workers’ rights to organise are respected and the maximum allowed hours of work per week are regulated. Child labour is forbidden.